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We are human with a purpose: balance the personal in the work

Brief history of olm

Turning points
in our history


An idea is born

In this year the founder Ana dreams and considers OLM as a company. She starts alone on a oath of turning something she loved into a reality.

We started this great dream

OLM begins with the determination of its founder Ana Isabel and is supported by its co-founder Andrés. Both decide to change the course of their usual professional history a bit to direct it to a more comprehensive well-being

New companions

As it is growing holistically in work and personal aspects , 2 new olms arrive to form part of our business family


Celebrating what we accomplish: the XNUMX olms celebrated the birthday of the founders. Relationships are strengthen and shared personal al professional dreams.

Celebrating the years

Celebrating what we accomplish: the XNUMX olms celebrated the birthday of the founders. Relationships are strengthen and shared personal al professional dreams.

We on keep growing

Some new process started this year, and we nurture our illusions of growing and what we should do to accomplish them.

Modeling for the first time

Now let's talk about our first photo session, we are faced with those phrases of "Do not be stressed", "Smile", "look at this pose" ... Anyway we saw how eternal it can be to pose well to look natural.

Pandemic visit

When we were just at the time of great alliances and very cool projects listed, the pandemic visited us and with it, the possibility that OLM would cease to exist.

A new story is written

After our pause we come back stronger with new stories

New processes opened up, and our team grew with 3 new psychologists and a person to handle all of our communication.

Bogotá opened the doors to us and we started to move again processes with multinational companies.

You can follow our journey on our social media at @olmgestionhumana

(On instagram, linkedin, facebook, youtube and twitter)

PD: As a fun fact, we got the inspiration in the mythology of the new OLM (a salamander) and now it is part of our company's DNA (the new era of OLM simbolices balance of the personal and professional aspects) that's why we have adapted our philosophy. See you, bye.

See you bye bye

Now to co-create

As ñapa let's talk about our co-creating workshops.

These workshops have integrated us more as a team and as human beings, really with these workshops being in doing is evidenced, and above all, the importance of self-knowledge and observation of our business context to help us and develop ourselves as people.

Now yes, bye bye.


Our team

If you want processes full of knowledge of the personal universe and good energy, this is it. (if you are only visiting, in networks we have more content for you) greetings 🤗

Camila Human Management


Community manager
Julieth Human Management


recruiting analyst
Andrea Bibiana Human Management


Commercial director
Susana Human Management


talent analyst
Bibiana Human Management


Leader and specialist in Development and Culture
Andrea Human Management


Communication and Culture Analyst
Beatriz Human Management


Administrative Leader
Angie Human Management


Head of Talent Search and Human Resources


Technical director

Ana Isabel

General Director
knowing more about olm

Top 15 frequently asked questions

What does OLM do?

We are a human talent management company whose basic thinking is the idea that first the being is improved to evolve the doing, therefore all our services (look in the portfolio section) seek to improve the targeted strategies in a comprehensive and personalized way to the people who are part of a company.

The myth of the new OLM

Well, according to certain texts found, the new OLM has become a symbol of personal and professional growth, it has appeared in the places where humans want to connect with their nature and fits with visionary people of good energy. In historical texts, many do not understand how the old OLM, THE OXALOT AND THE NEW OLM can exist with that physical similarity but with such different origins. 

In our case, we are inspired by the new OLM of Colombian origin to give our DNA a face, we identify with the characteristics that it is a unique being with acute senses, that is why it does not need to be guided by sight to find in other beings what it is. It makes them unique, it is a symbol of balance between personal and work life, and it attracts the love of work.

How do I share the audio of my work stories?

You have several ways, 1. It is by sending the audio to email: and 2. On our website in the blog section (click on one of the post and on the right side at the bottom you will see a button that redirects you to the wpp link that is only to share work stories) or enter here (Remember to enter share your audio with the requirements and share this link with people who have something to tell. (It is published for free on IG and at the end of the month those that were uploaded on Instagram on YouTube are collected)

Your story will be published for free, you just have to send us an audio with the following requirements:

  1. Name or nick name / Story theme / Genre (romance, comedy, drama, horror ...)
  2. Minimum time: 30 sec / Maximum time: 3 minutes
  1. WhatsApp type audio, as if you were talking with a friend, that is understandable.
  2. Smile, by telling your story you are helping your mental well-being and that of others.

What does OLM give me from its social networks?

OLM as a brand intends to invite the community to self-knowledge—businessmen and collaborators—, that people recognize the great importance of what we call "being" and "doing", understanding and complementing the organizational and human dynamics to recognize that we are all part of the change.

Our OLMS team contribute their knowledge and their being in social networks in the following ways:

Instagram: Mental health tips / Organizational improvement / Personal improvement / Phrases / Real stories shared by those who believe in a positive change at work in "It has also happened to us"

Linkedin: Questions we ask ourselves at OLM and we share them to see your opinion/ OLM in context/ Job offers/ Phrases

Facebook: Surveys on topics of organizational and personal self-knowledge / Job offers

Tiktok: Complement, remember and resignify those things that "have also happened to us"

Spotify: Real stories shared by the community / Talks about the concerns that arise from these stories of the human side of work

Youtube: Repository of all the programs of the other networks / Answer to questions from the community with #Dosisdereality

Who are the customers/Followers and people we love?

  • We like to work with those who want to enrich the human side, those who believe in a better job market and are willing to improve being so that doing does not destroy the integrity of their life.
  • We love working with companies, candidates and collaborators who are clear that real change only happens if we all do our best and comply with the action plans that are forged along the way — bearing in mind that sometimes unforeseen events appear. 
  • We love real companies and collaborators, those who, if a problem arises, seek a solution with us, those people who are flexible, curious, willing to learn and teach.

Who can be an OLM?

Anyone who wants to cultivate the OLM spirit to become more self-aware and inspire more, all those people who, regardless of the type of job they have, want to feed their will to pursue the change they want in their lives.

How does OLM management impact candidates or workers?

The management of the human begins with self-knowledge, and this input of understanding one's own personality and the plans that are wanted, allows candidates and workers to better integrate into companies that contribute to their life and professional plans.

Unlike what many people perceive, human management is not a business luxury, it is a necessity for well-being, it is not a task that anyone can do, the idea is that it be done well done in the personal universe and with real impact , and it is not a waste of time or money since it helps employees and each part of the company to improve their work processes and their being in doing.

Does OLM provide its services to natural persons?

Our services are directly related to the business environment, but we always provide tools through our social networks for all people interested in self-knowledge. 

What does an OLM recommend to candidates?

Self-knowledge, in work and personal life, desire and concrete actions to achieve what they are looking for. In some of our experiences in the search for talent we have come across people who should take into account:

  • Show respect for the interview: Doing the interview in bed, not organizing their appearance (whatever it is) and not preparing their speech in a serious way, creates a feeling (false or real) that they are not interested in the process. It must be understood that being inclusive is not including laziness or lack of respect, the variety may be but it shows positive attitudes for the position and not disinterested attitudes.
  • Read well about the vacancy and the company: This will allow them to get a little closer to that reality behind a vacancy, it will help them to understand if they really want or if they are prepared and will improve their speech in front of the interview
  • Go with more proposals than complaints: The way you face your personal or work life will make you someone who improves or worsens the environment. Remember that if you want to be in a great company, you must rise to the height of it, be it by preparing yourself, knowing yourself and acting strategically.
  • Self-knowledge: Every good company or candidate must know their positive points and their opportunities for improvement (this is constant). Nobody is perfect, but that is not an excuse to live in error, it is a door to rediscover the many ways that we have under our hands to be our best version
  • You win: Even the dream job has difficult moments, the most important thing is to nurture motivation, willpower and inspiration. You can choose books, change your attitude, know yourself, improve habits, go to therapy ... the important thing is that you take action towards your goal.
  • Take action: Set achievable daily goals, don't overload yourself and learn to evaluate your personal and work strategy so that you feed your development and motivation with your "micro" achievements.

Is OLM looking for allies to hold talks that strengthen the job market?

We love to learn and teach. We want allies who, like us, seek to generate work and social fabric, who love what they do and who love to discuss constructively about what we call "reality", which is composed of multiple realities that make this life a constant learning for everyone.

Does OLM publish job offers?

Yes, on all our social networks —especially the private Facebook group and on Linkedin— and on our website. PS: In addition to vacancies, we also publish tips for personal and work life.


What is the real role of GH in business?

It is to be the two-way bridge between the business and the people, bring the objectives of the company closer to the true individual and collective abilities, promote mental health and human growth with personalized programs that can be measured and adapted to the trends of GH, of the world of psychology and the projects of each company.

What makes OLM understand human management differently?

That we understand it and integrate it into a clinical approach of the individual, that is, we understand their mental health, we are interested in knowing their personal and professional expectations, and connecting with their way of seeing and assuming the world from their personality to integrate all these dimensions to the company and generate, within the human management plan, benefits, training and growth programs that have an impact and manage to consolidate an employment relationship where both parties win and grow.

Why does OLM evaluate from the perspective of clinical psychology?

Individual personality traits are the deep factor that consciously or unconsciously interact in external behavior, therefore the tools or resources offered by clinical analysis allow the identification and prevention of behavioral tendencies that may or may not be adjusted to the culture of each company. to the role and to the work teams, where it will finally be the real environment that will impact everyone, it is not only about psychometric measurements (which are tools that add value but are not enough to make decisions) but about the integral context of the person, either for the purposes of selection processes, or for different programs, likewise, the clinical analysis allows the person to be approached from a skeptical point of view, supporting possible psychological treatments within the company, without the need to refer.

What are the must-haves for?

The inevitable ones (as we have called them in our work teams) are those human management tools that are necessary to improve the individual, the group and the environment of an organization.

Does OLM personalize prices and services?

Yes, we believe that each company is a different entity, with diverse needs and searches, therefore we respect and consider that individuality and we build our services to the extent of their possibilities.


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