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Communication and Culture Analyst
Andrea Human Management
+57 311 7843364
Personal information

I consider myself a person who lives life with passion, someone empathic who can see many paths in a problem as a solution and growth. I consider art a great teaching and my personal experience has deeply connected me with Paul Rand's phrase "Everything is design" because everyone who is looking to find strategies and solutions (regardless of the field of study) is a designer.

  • Creation of brands with soul and personality
  • Content creation with DNA (Strategy, planning and arts)
  • Graphics design and space for low vision children
  • Documentary photography
  • Cultural and narrative illustrations
  • Active reconciliation
  • Research and analysis
  • Constant observation of the human side of things
  • Critical thinking
  • Active search for different ways of understanding things
  • Integration of social changes into design processes

Research project: Shape of black - Less is more?

Professional information

I am a true believer in the idea that good brands have a purpose (implicit or explicit), that they must go beyond their product or service to leave traces in personal culture and in social construction. I am a graphic designer with an emphasis on experience design through interfaces (understanding the interface concept as any space or object that allows me to interact with myself or the other), as a training guide I also have the creation of brand DNA, content creation with human sense, analog illustration (made by hand directly on the physical object), digital illustration, sculpture with plasticizer, creation of merchandising, creation of audiovisual products and creation of senses.

If you ask yourself, creation of senses? I'm going to clarify the idea for you. Creation of senses was born out of the need to understand the cyborg community, that community made of flesh, bones and technological extensions. Without entering into discussions of who are or are not cyborgs, this training guide has allowed me to understand the importance of context, inclusion and cultural change for the recreation of the design of solutions in the personal and the workplace.

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